Get Your Library Organized with Apps and Tools

moorefield-lang_heather-2Worried about that upcoming presentation? Want help with those everyday tasks in the library? In this excerpt from the archives, tech guru Heather Moorefield-Lang shares her expertise on finding the right tool to help you run your library more efficiently and impress your patrons and administrators with your knowledge and creativity.
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Being in charge of others comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities. Those who work for their library administrators hope that they will be empathetic, creative, and flexible, have vision and good communication, be able to work well and collaborate, and serve the community at large (Chow and Rich 2013). There are a host of online tools and apps that can aid library administrators (and their employees) in communication, organization, presentations, creativity, and with everyday client, patron, student, and faculty service.

Every library administrator has to call meetings, and often it would be useful to have tools to aid with presentations.

Haiku Deck ( Similar in style to PowerPoint, this app and online presentation tool won AASL’s 2014 Best Websites for Teaching and Learning and the TIMEs 50 Best Websites for 2014. Presentations can be made on an iPad or computer. Haiku Deck makes creating presentations incredibly easy with templates, colors, and a partnership with Getty Images for a vast collection of gorgeous Creative Commons pictures. Presentations can be shared online or downloaded for free for offline presenting in PDF or PowerPoint format. (Free and Pro Levels Available).

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Just about all of us struggle with organization in one area or another. Here are some sites and apps that might be useful.

Droptask ( This online site and app works in two ways. It is a concept mapping and task management tool. Users can group their workload by categories into circles and then add to them as needed. It’s a visual way to view tasks as an individual or group. Collaboration is a strong component of this site. Tasks can be shared among employees and departments, and Droptask is great for presentations as well when sharing ideas for an upcoming project. (Free and Pro Levels Available) Continue reading “Get Your Library Organized with Apps and Tools”