It’s Summertime…But the Learning Doesn’t End

Summertime. A time to spend with family, a time to do some traveling, a time to have some fun, a time to simply relax. You probably know some people who think that’s all you do when school’s not in session—but we all know that summer isn’t all play and no work. We know you most likely spend a lot of your summer on a number of professional activities for which you’re not paid. Rather than asking you to list all the professional activities you partake in during the summer, we decided to narrow it down with our One-Question Survey that asks, “Which professional activity do you typically devote the most unpaid time to during the summer?” Below, Dr. Maria Cahill shares and summarizes the results.

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Which professional activity do you typically devote the most unpaid time to during the summer?

Several years ago, January 2015 to be exact, quite a few school librarians reported via the One-Question Survey (1QS) that “Students think I know every book that has ever been written!” Now, you and I both know some school librarians who probably do know just about every book that has ever been written for children, right?! It shouldn’t surprise you, then, that in response to our latest 1QS—Select the professional activity in which you typically devote the most amount of unpaid time during the summer—three of every seven respondents indicated the professional activity to which they typically devote the greatest amount of unpaid time is “reading or reviewing materials written for children and/or YA audiences (e.g. literature, information texts, poetry, audiobooks, etc.).”

As the chart above illustrates, the only other responses selected by more than 10% of respondents were “attending and/or presenting at professional conferences” and “engaging with and/or learning about new technology tools.” The next most frequently identified activity was reading back issues of professional and/or scholarly journals that the school librarians didn’t have time to read during the school year. Interestingly, 11% of high school librarians selected this choice compared to only six percent of elementary and middle school librarians. Continue reading “It’s Summertime…But the Learning Doesn’t End”

Summer Escape (Summer 2017 Issue)

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