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Announcing Our 2017–2018 Editorial

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A group of SLC editors and advisors hashing out our 2017–2018 issue themes at ALA Midwinter, Atlanta. From left to right: Sabrina Carnesi, Leslie B. Preddy, Carl A. Harvey II, Dr. Maria Cahill, Terry Young, Liz Deskins, Debra Kay Logan, Dr. Peggy Milam Creighton, and Dr. Rebecca J. Morris.

Believe it or not, behind the scenes, February is the time of year where we’re wrapping up work on the current volume of School Library Connection. While our readers are still waiting for their copy of the March issue to arrive—in both their mailboxes and inboxes—we’re actually already hard at work putting the final touches on our May/June articles before they move into design. So while you may still have several months of the current volume left to enjoy, this is the time of year where we get to say THANK YOU to all the authors in our community who make School Library Connection the incredible professional publication it is.

This is also the time of year where we get to look ahead with excitement to the next volume, and we’re thrilled to share this list of themes for the issues of next year’s print magazine. We warmly welcome back our past authors and look forward to reading your ideas. Just as importantly, we welcome new and first-time authors—we consider it part of our mission to provide a platform for new voices, so don’t be shy!

School Library Connection 2017–2018 Print Magazine Themes

August/September 2017
Teaching and Learning in an Age of Misinformation

October 2017
OER Ninjas: Mastering eResource Curation

November/December 2017
The Literacy Ecosystem

January/February 2018
Weeding Your Workweek: Reassessing Priorities, Reenergizing Programs

March/April 2018
Prove It!: Teaching and Modeling Effective Argumentation

May/June 2018
More than Safe Spaces: Moving from Civility to Social Action

(For more information about how to submit your article proposal, see our Write for Us page.)



Sedley Abercrombie • Debbie Abilock • Kim Allen • Robin Amado • Michelle Baldini • Susan D. Ballard • Naomi Bates • Bridget Belardi • Kira C. Berggren • Sarah Betteridge • Mary Kay Biagini • Susan Blankenship • Tom Bober • Cristy Bolton • Dina Brady • Jennifer Bromann-Bender • Kristy Brown • Justin Bye • Emily Cagle • Maria Cahill • Cynthia Cassidy • Jennifer Lankau Chase • Diane Cordell • Ernie Cox • Marge Cox • Elaine Crawford • Raquel Cuperman • Tonya Dagstani • April Dawkins • Amy Derwin • Gail Dickinson • Lori Donovan • Sheila Dunn • Stony Evans • Cathy Evans • Juliette (Reale) Felde • Carolyn Foote • Laura Gardner • Karen Gavigan • Stacey Gerwitz • Sherry Gick • Pam Harland • Gary N. Hartzell • Carl A. Harvey • Noorya Hayat • Lars Holmstrom • Kristina Holzweiss • Amy Hope • Emma Humphries • Melissa Jacobs • Paige Jaeger • Sara Kelly Johns • Doug Johnson • Brian Johnson • Melissa P. Johnston • Jackie Keith • Abby Kiesa • Lynn Kleinmeyer • Kafi Kumasi • Annette Lamb • Louise Lankau • Kyle A. Lee • Katharine Lehman • Michelle Luhtala • Michelle Luttrell • Reneé Critcher Lyons • Marcia A. Mardis • Jane Martellino • BJ McCracken • Heather Moorefield-Lang • Judi Moreillon • Rebecca J. Morris • Lindsey Myers • Jamie Campbell Naidoo • Eric Neumann • David Olson • Bruce Orr • Deborah Parrott • Penny Patterson • Courtney Pentland • Andy Plemmons • Leslie B. Preddy • Stacey Rattner • Mary Boyd Ratzer • Stephanee Rausch • Carrie Ray-Hill • Meghan Saladino • Barbara Schultz-Jones • Gina Seymour • Connie Fogle Sharp • Carol Simpson • Daniella Smith • Ira David Socol • Rebecca Sofferman • Ann Spencer • Cynthia Stogdill • Chris Swerling • Jennifer Tazerouti • Melissa Techman • Steven Weber • Krista Welz • Katrina Williams • Connie Williams • Christine Woods • Mary Frances Zilonis

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