In Case You Missed It: October 2015 Author of the Month Sarah Albee

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Pick up a book by children’s author Sarah Albee and you just might be surprised what you can learn about history from bugs, poop, and fashion. Sarah is a favorite of the team over at School Library Connection and reVIEWS+, and she was our pick for Author of the Month last October. Subscribers can access our reviews of her books via the hyperlinks.

albee 187x250“There is so much wonderful nonfiction out there right now. No longer is it the dry, fact-based, expository stuff so many of us grew up with.” So says Sarah Albee, and she should know.

Sarah Albee loves social history and has made it her mission “to get kids to see that history can be relevant to their own lives, and to love it as much as I do.” She’s certainly done her part to draw children in by writing books with attention-grabbing titles like Poop Happened!: A History of the World from the Bottom Up, Bugged: How Insects Changed History, and Why’d They Wear That?: Fashion as the Mirror of History. Students who pick these up will find that “societies that paid attention to sanitation tended to be those that survived and thrived,” and that although “insects have wiped out populations…we have co-evolved with them and must learn to co-exist.” Moreover, those who think clothes are just clothes may be astounded to discover how much “fashion reflects the political, social, economic, and moral climates in which people lived.”

Albee says that she always dreamed of becoming a writer but it was during her nine years with Sesame Street that she realized “writing for kids was my true calling.” Ably combining her “true calling” with her love of social history has resulted in history books that are accessible, colorful, and interesting. Albee hasn’t, however, limited herself to books on social history. In fact, her focus was originally on fiction writing until her school teacher husband made her realize she “could write history that kids will voluntarily pick up and read.” She also has a nonfiction series on animals, many fiction books, picture books, and several Sesame Street books as well as books she has authored under the pseudonym Constance Allen.

Finally, Albee would like to give a “big, fat, whopping thank you to all you teachers and librarians for doing what you do. Your enthusiasm for books and kids makes it possible for us authors to survive and thrive and do what we love to do.” And we thank you, Sarah Albee, for producing books that pull young readers in, keep them entertained, and teach them a thing or two along the way.

You can learn more about Sarah Albee at her website

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